6 primary principles of Public Relations… and how Baylor BOR has failed at every single one

As a freshman journalism student at the University of South Carolina, I am taught a broad spectrum of what journalism actually is. A large part of the journalism world is public relations. As we study the topic, and what it means to be good at PR, one thing comes to mind: the Baylor Board of Regents. While it might be easier to tell them how to do their job than to actually do it, it is obvious that they have absolutely failed in how they have handled this sexual assault scandal going on in Waco. Obviously, this isn’t breaking news, they have been criticized ever since the story first broke that Coach Art Briles was going to be fired. I just hope that I can provide a new perspective as to just how bad a job they have done as the “leaders” of the University. According to Arthur W. Page, vice president of AT&T in 1927, there are six primary principles that businesses and organizations must hold to in order to remain in good standing with the world around them. These principles are still widely used today in most public relations offices of major companies and government entities.

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