Baylor Family Demands Full Transparency from Board of Regents

WACO, Texas – John Eddie Williams, president of Bears for Leadership Reform (BLR), today issued the following statement in response to a court filing by the Baylor University Board of Regents containing new allegations regarding the sexual assault scandal that engulfed the University last year:


“We are shocked and appalled by the information in this court filing, and the fact that the Regents – with full knowledge of this information – reportedly paid Art Briles and others millions of dollars in severance is deeply troubling.


“This is part of a much bigger “institutional failure” – as cited in the University’s original Finding of Facts – that goes well beyond the football program to the administration and all the way up to the Board itself. The University has said that roughly 90 percent of Title IX-reported incidents from 2011-15 did not involve the football program, and Pepper Hamilton found ‘that Baylor’s efforts to implement Title IX were slow, ad hoc, and hindered by a lack of institutional support and engagement by senior leaders.’


“Full transparency – not an ongoing dribble of select information – is what the Baylor Family wants and deserves from its leadership in response to this crisis so it can have confidence that all have been held accountable and that the right changes are being made to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again.”