Baylor Family: Regents’ Vote on “Status Quo” Governance Plan Deeply Disappointing

WACO, Texas – Bears for Leadership Reform (BLR) President John Eddie Williams, a Houston attorney and 1976 Baylor graduate, today issued the following statement in response to the Baylor Board of Regents’ passage of a status quo governance plan:
“We are deeply disappointed that the Baylor Board of Regents did not adopt more comprehensive reforms. These changes are baby steps, not the real reform the Baylor Family wants or deserves from its leadership in response to this crisis.”
“The Board of Regents is still going to appoint itself. It is still going to operate under a cloak of secrecy and gag rules. And it still has failed to share the facts and details of the sexual assault investigation.”
“We are 18 months into this tragic crisis and there seems to be no end in sight. It’s clear that failed leadership was at the root of this tragedy. This vote is sadly just a continuation of failed leadership.”
“So many important questions remain unanswered. Why was no Title IX office set up for three years after federal guidance? Why were police reports hidden? What has been done about the 90 percent of alleged sexual assaults that were outside the football program? Why does the person in charge of public safety during this crisis still have his job? Why does the Board keep dribbling out damaging information…all to protect a few Regents and one Administrator?”
“Bears for Leadership Reform is not going anywhere because it’s imperative that the Baylor Family keep pushing for the transparency, accountability and real change that is needed to restore trust and integrity at our university.”