In the wake of Baylor, college leaders need to do more to enforce Title IX

Keep these quotes in mind while digesting this statistic: one-in-five. Study after study–campus after campus–one in five women in the U.S. reports experiencing some form of sexual assault while attending college. A further breakdown of the numbers reads like this: six percent of male students report being sexually assaulted and one-in-four LGBT students. Then there are the names and the schools: Jameis Winston; University of Tennessee; University of Montana; Kenneth Starr; and Art Briles. And there are the terms that are affiliated with those names and those schools: “Rape Epidemic,” “Rape Culture” and colleges as “Hunting Grounds” for sexual predators.
The deep disconnect between the immense and severe problem of sexual assault on college campuses and the weak response by collegiate leadership has become painfully obvious.