The 8 biggest recent revelations in Baylor’s sexual assault scandal

A full year has passed since Baylor was outed in its sexual assault scandal and subsequently parted ways with football coach Art Briles, athletic director Ian McCaw and school president Ken Starr.

Even as Baylor begins its rebuild – both in football recruiting and in rethinking its approach to sexual assault and dating violence – allegations of sexual assault and rape in the athletic department continue to mount.

Here’s a recap of the latest allegations against Baylor, what they mean and how the school got to this point:

1) The latest

This month, a seventh Title IX lawsuit was filed against Baylor.

A volleyball player referred to as Jane Doe says she was attending a party in February 2012 at an apartment where several football players lived. She said she became intoxicated and cannot recall portions of the night, but she remembers one football player picking her up and putting her in his vehicle. She was taken to another location where she says at least four football players raped her. Later, other people told her at least twice that as many as eight football players were involved.

Her mother later met with a Baylor assistant football coach at a Waco restaurant, providing names of players involved. And according to the filing, the players “admitted to ‘fooling around,’ calling it ‘just a little bit of playtime.'” They said the coach determined that the accusation was in a “gray area.”

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