Waco: Dept. of Education opens new investigation of Baylor

The U.S. Department of Education is opening a new investigation of Baylor, this time focused on the school’s crime reporting process.

In a message sent to the school’s faculty and staff, Vice President for Facilities and Operations Brian Nicholson said, “Baylor has extended our full cooperation with this DOE review, as it provides another opportunity to demonstrate the significant enhancements that have been made within the Baylor University Police Department and the Department of Public Safety for the benefit of our students, faculty, staff and guests, as well as in the administration of the Clery Act.”

The department will review Baylor’s annual Fire Safety and Security reports which include the university’s drug and alcohol abuse prevention program.

“This is a comprehensive process that will take a significant amount of time to complete,” Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jason Cook said Wednesday.

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