We are proud and concerned members of the “Baylor Family” who believe positive leadership reforms are needed to restore the integrity of our beloved university.

We are deeply troubled by the response of Baylor’s leadership to allegations of sexual and domestic assault around our campus. No words can adequately express our sadness for victims of these tragedies.

There has been too much secrecy and innuendo.  We do not fear the truth and demand that the Baylor Board of Regents and administration provide total transparency about these issues. This must begin – but not end – with the release of all materials related to the Pepper Hamilton briefing and a full accounting of the Board’s subsequent decisions and rationale.

However, we need more than truth-telling and transparency. We need real change and accountability to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.


  • Don Adams
  • George Chandler
  • Bill Crocker
  • Randy Ferguson
  • Liza Firmin
  • Gale Galloway
  • Paul McClinton
  • Drayton McLane
  • James Nortey
  • Gene Reamer
  • Stan Schlueter
  • Emily Tinsley
  • Rell Tipton
  • Mark White
  • John Eddie Williams