Concerned, Proud Members of the Baylor Family Launch Campaign to Restore Integrity to World’s Largest Baptist University


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Deeply troubled by Baylor University’s response to campus sexual assault scandal, ‘Bears for Leadership Reform’ demands transparency, accountability and comprehensive reform of the Board of Regents.


WACO, Texas (Nov. 10, 2016) – Deeply troubled by Baylor University’s response to a campus-wide sexual assault scandal, a group of concerned and proud members of the Baylor Family today announced the creation of a campaign to restore integrity to the world’s largest Baptist campus.


“Bears for Leadership Reform” is demanding greater transparency, accountability and comprehensive reform of the Baylor Board of Regents.


“To change the culture, we have to change the leadership model, and that starts at the top with the Board Regents,” said former Texas Gov. Mark White, a 1965 Baylor Law School graduate. “We must have full transparency, real accountability and leadership reform to restore unity and trust with our students, their families, the public and the entire Baylor Family.”


The campaign anticipates its support will come from members of the extended Baylor Family, including students, alumni, parents, faculty, pastors and the university workforce. Persons interested in joining the campaign are encouraged to sign up at


“The Board’s secrecy and innuendos have not served the university or the Baylor Family,” said James Nortey, an Austin attorney and 2008 Baylor graduate. “The truth must be told. We cannot heal or move forward without it. This must begin – but not end – with the release of all materials related to the Pepper Hamilton briefing, and a full accounting of the Board’s subsequent decisions and rationale. We need transparency and accountability to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.”


Among the campaign’s other demands:


  • Transformation of the Board of Regents through specific common-sense reforms related to transparency, appointments, conflicts-of-interest, structure, and authority;
  • The search for a new president conducted in the open and including input from across the Baylor Family; and
  • Developing, implementing, and sustaining a best-in-class Title IX and sexual assault response program.


“No words can adequately express our sadness for survivors of these tragedies,” said former Baylor Regent Emily George Tinsley. “This is about doing what’s right. It’s about truth telling and necessary change to ensure this never happens again. This is not about football; this is not about athletics. This is about reform across the board.”


Campaign organizers intend to analyze best practices for governance for private universities and other relevant institutions. With those findings, and a full accounting of the facts and the Board of Regent’s choices and rationale, decisions about effective leadership reform can be made intelligently and fairly.


The campaign’s website contains information about “Bears for Leadership Reform,” and its membership, mission and goals. Interested parties also can engage with the campaign through a variety of social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.


“Bears for Leadership Reform” is governed by a board of directors, including Don Adams, Bill Crocker, George Chandler, Randy Ferguson, Liza Firmin, Gale Galloway,

Paul McClinton, Drayton McLane, James Nortey, Stan Schlueter, Emily Tinsley, Rell Tipton, Mark White and John Eddie Williams.


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