Former BU Regents: Some Resignations May Be Warranted

More than a dozen former regents are joining the Bears for Leadership Reform group’s call for more transparency, adding that the resignations of some current regents may be warranted.

The reform group made up of thousands of Baylor supporters who have concerns about university’s leadership in the wake of the sexual assault scandal, issued the letter Tuesday signed by fourteen former regents, three of them past board chairman including Temple businessman Drayton McLane, Jr.

The former regents say that Pepper Hamilton’s 13-page Findings of Fact raises concerns about regent conduct and practices and say that if the issues raised are true, “those regents – no matter how many – should resign from the board.”

“The reality is that until regents release the actual ‘agreed upon scope’ of the investigation, it is very difficult for anyone to determine if the investigation was or was not flawed,” the former regents wrote.

“If the office of regent has been compromised through the lack of exercising proper fiduciary responsibility, lack of appropriate due diligence, or conflicts of interest by regents, the regents responsible for these actions should resign their duties and allow their position to be filled by another person,” the letter says.